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Could God have been a woman? O.K. guys, time to get on the defensive. This whole thing about blaming Eve for eating the apple thing. And Delilah for cutting Samson's hair. Or Pandora. "Our Mother who art in heaven." How does it sound to you? Since most of you have been bombarded with these notions from childhood (both girls & boys) I know it makes it hard to swallow. There's a book titled, When God was a Woman. Written by Merlin Stone. You might want to start there.
There is another fascinating reference to this topic. The Hebrew Goddess, written by Raphael Patal. Could it possibly be that Eve was not the first woman in Adam's life? This Lilith he mentions (page 210). Could she really have been the first woman to demur; "Sorry not tonight honey, I've got a headache." What? You want more? On this subject? Mmmmm. O.K., but first an assignment.
Get hold of a copy of The Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden. Published by World Bible Publishers, Inc, [1926, Alpha House, Inc]. It is just as authentic as your Old and New Testaments. You may not like it, but then, perhaps all the more reason why you should read it.
You know about Adam & Eve and Cain and Abel -their kids. And how Cain slew Abel and so forth. According to The Lost Books, Eve also gave birth to two daughters: first Lulawa then Aklia-before having her last child, Seth. So...if this is true and if we are all descended from Adam and Eve, then the only way this could have happened was for Cain and Seth to have married their sisters. Cain took Lulawa as his wife and Seth was given Aklia. That's the way it was. Well, where else could all of us have come from? That is, if you believe in the biblical origins of man/womankind..
Surely, you must know that if you believe in the biblical account, then the "children" of Adam and Eve had to come from somewhere? And since Abel was killed by his brother, that only left Cain and his brother Seth to populate the world. Unless you want to believe that Adam impregnated his daughters. If so, that would make you the children of Adam and Lulawa or Adam and Aklia. {Surely you must find this line repugnant?}
If you are interested in this version, you can read it for yourself in The First Book of Adam and Eve beginning on page 3; go to page 53 Chap. LXXIV -verses 5-8; Chap. LXXV, verse 11; Chap. LXXVL, verse 10; Chap. LXXVII, verses 1-3 and verse 12. Then to the Second Book of Adam and Eve, beginning on page 60, Chap. I, verse 5; Chap. II, page 61, verse 1, 3 and 8; Chap. VII, verses 1-7; and Chap. IX, verse 3. I heartily recommend it. Now...back to the O.T.
A quick look at the genealogical table of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah (Genesis) reveals that Adam died at the age of 930. He had a son and "other sons and daughters." Seth had a son and "other sons and daughters." Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah and Lamech all had a son and "other sons and daughters."
So who were these daughters? What were their names? We know of a few names from that era: Abigail, Esther, Mary, Ruth, Judith, Sarah, Sheba...But Seth lived until the ripe old age of 912, Enosh 905, Kenan 910, Mehalalel 895, Jared 962, Enoch 365, Methusalah 969, Lamech 777 and Noah 950. During these life cycles, how many children were born? How many were daughters? Let's just say, the role of women in biblical literature has been greatly understated...MORE






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